Human Resources.

Unmatched Human Resources expertise by your side every day. That is what Kazdon offers through it’s tailor-made HR solutions. Streamlining everyday employee administration with advanced Human Resources technology. Kazdon can provide your organization with the people, processes and technology you need to deliver expert HR at every state of the employee lifecycle, from hire to retire and everything in between.

Answering benefits questions and managing employee paperwork leaves you with little time to focus on your strategic objectives. While you could download templates and spend time and resources completing forms, keeping up with the constant industry changes, etc. nothing beats picking up the phone and being able to ask your specific question directly to an expert. Understanding the uniqueness of your business and your employees is our specialty. Kazdon offers a full Human Resource suite of support from accessible online material and chat to in-person onsite experts and coaching at your request. Don’t trust your unique situation to an online template, talk to an expert!


A great place to start is at the beginning. Kazdon offers New Hire Packets customized for your business including government required documentation as well as company specific material such as insurance information, employee handbooks, and industry specific documents tailored to your business needs.


It is important that employees are an asset and not a liability. Accurate and detailed background checks can be an invaluable resource in the hiring process. Kazdon provides background checks and drug testing to businesses of all sizes. Not all background checks are the same and executing the wrong check can lead to missing key information. Kazdon provides the most legally compliant, comprehensive, and precise criminal records available, with information coming directly from official County, State, and Federal Courts primary sources.


Kazdon’s employee handbooks are designed to meet the needs of each individual client. This is one of the most important communication tools between you and your employees. Provided upon hiring, your employee handbook defines your expectations and establishes guidelines, facilitating a successful business relationship. Your handbook should also outline your legal obligations as an employer as well as your employees’ rights. Without establishing the rules it is difficult to the play the game.

Every business is unique and has specific requirements and rules to follow. Our HR team will work closely with you to develop a handbook that covers the relevant topics specific to your company. Whether you are a restaurant, day care, doctors office or engineering firm we will work on each individual component of your handbook and structure it to suit your particular needs. Documenting expectations, denoting your company mission, values and culture, we customize each handbook ensuring it effectively represents your company and industry.

Kazdon also offers additional features through our payroll services which will notify your employees of updates and changes to your handbook as well as store the employee acknowledgments for your records.


Job descriptions are an integral piece of the performance planning process. Kazdon’s employee handbooks are designed to meet Kazdon’s customized job descriptions are a communication tool that provides your employees with clear and concise expectations of their job duties and aides employees in understanding their role and where their job fits within the department and company overall. Job descriptions also provide essential information that is needed to measure employee performance against the standards of the job for performance evaluations and are often used to assess the knowledge, abilities and skills that are required to successfully do the job. Finally, a job description may protect you legally when you can demonstrate why a candidate selected for a position was your most qualified applicant.


Scalable methods to get the feedback needed to increase performance. Kazdon helps employers understand how extremely important it is to recruit and retain qualified employees through competitive compensation. Providing support for compensation development and consulting with HR management and business owners, we will assist you in complying with wage and hour laws while building competitive compensation plans to attract talent.

Today’s employees want more frequent feedback and course-correction than the typical year-end review offers. Kazdon provides employers with scalable methods for employees to get the developmental feedback they need to increase their performance.

Kazdon can help the employer with:

  • Performance management procedures and programs
  • Overtime processes
  • Salary supervision and organization
  • Compensation benchmarking and analysis
  • Alternative workweek and schedules
  • Exempt/non-exempt position analysis
  • Wage and hour processes and procedures
  • Employee classifications and job descriptions
  • Time off processes and procedures