Legacy Building.

There are many reasons why we do what we do at Kazdon and this page is dedicated to two of those: serving our community and serving our creator. One of our foundational beliefs is love our neighbor as we love ourselves, which gives us the tremendous opportunity to accomplish two of our core beliefs at the same time. Our Kazdon family works hard every day serving our clients so we can apply those funds to serving our community and creator.

Here at Kazdon we exemplify responsible behavior through community engagement and value sharing, based on criteria including developing shared value products, leading local fundraising events, and volunteering time, goods and services to local communities. Kazdon also contributes 10% of all of its earnings back to the community.

Everybody is a member of the community.

Building relationships starts by making genuine connections and then finding ways to contribute. Through its involvement, Kazdon plays a vital role in shaping the lives of those in our society, strengthening that bond, supporting the quality of life in our community and contributing to a sustainable environment. We have a commitment to responsible, community - centered business practices, looking at our community to see what’s important.

At Kazdon we live our values, practicing good governance and ethics, building trust and relationships that have a positive social impact on our community.

Positively influencing our society.

Through our efforts and by stepping up to meet the needs of our community, Kazdon has established the tradition of getting involved and doing something meaningful for the betterment of humanity as a whole. Participating in this tradition reinforces the identity of Kazdon as a company that leaves the places where we work better than we found them, and the people we partner with inspired and fulfilled.

Thinking outside the box to solve problems.

Strengthen our community, improve lives, connect with others and transform our own lives as well is what Kazdon is all about. We believe that no one stands taller than when they kneel to help others. We do not post this page to claim credit. Quite the opposite is true in that we want to let our clients know who they are helping and how they are changing the world along with us. Thank you to our clients for making a difference.

Kazdon’s integrities are grounded on the following:

  • All things are possible “if you believe”.
  • Hope Anchors the Soul “Firm & Secure”.
  • Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for their friends.

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